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Throughout the world, citizens depends on safe, efficient transportation systems. As congestion on trains, buses and highways continues to increase, along with the cost of maintaining vehicles and infrastructure, many people are being asked to pay more for declining service. Allegiance helps governments and public transportation organizations provide easier and more efficient mobility for citizens, bringing high performance to public transportation.

Working with a hand-picked team of the world's leading companies, Integrated e-Ticketing covers every step of the journey to achieving a high-performance transportation organization—from automated ticketing and passenger revenue systems to enhanced customer service. The depth of our approach helps minimize the risks inherent in large-scale change and maximize the return on investment. Integrated e-Ticketing Solution isn't just about easier fare collection—it's about opening opportunities for transportation organizations. It creates new opportunities in services offered—and in revenue creation.

Why Allegiance

Allegiance’s Integrated eTicketing Solution opens new routes to improving customer satisfaction—and revenue generation.

The breadth of Integrated e-Ticketing—from smart card and gating applications to financial services support—allows rail operators to enter the world of retail. How? The smart card can be used as a micro payment tool that allows passengers to purchase items outside of travel tickets; things like tickets to entertainment complexes and food at leading restaurant chains. We help transportation providers establish partnerships with secondary retailers and establish the systems and processes to capture new sources of revenue.

Making the journey to automated ticketing with Allegiance means you don't have to "mind the gaps." Allegiance's Integrated e-Ticketing brings together the power of a hand-picked team of the industry's leading players. That makes Integrated e-Ticketing the only solution in the marketplace that offers an end-to-end approach flexible enough to grow and change according to customer demands. Through the combined strength of these providers, we design, build, launch and roll out some of the world's leading automatic fare payment and collection systems and manage back-office systems as well.

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