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Consolidation and Optimization Solutions

Does your company have data spread across different databases?
Allegiance Technologies is a complete data warehouse service provider with a comprehensive services portfolio. Because Allegiance utilizes a single central data warehouse, we can offer Data Warehousing services tailored to a diverse array of industries including:

Data Warehouse Migration Services - Centralizing data through consolidation and migration from other platforms. Our data warehousing professionals provide comprehensive assessment experience and customer education to successfully migrate your applications and data to Allegiance Technologies Data Warehouse.

Enterprise Data Management Services - Integration, validation, protection, and management of data from its origin to its discontinuation. Our consultants can help you understand and manage strategic data, project ownership.

Analytical Services - Application development and implementation for both operational and strategic users, decision support and forecasting.

Managed Services - Management and monitoring of daily tasks required to maintain an optimum data warehouse environment.

Back-Up, Recovery and Archiving Solutions

Allegiance Technologies’ Remote Backup Administration Services are offered as a completely managed solution. Through SLA driven engagements and quality sustained operations, our unique blend of offshore/onshore model delivers cost effectiveness and robustness that allow you to do more with less, without compromising your operation.

Our Remote Backup Administration Service for Networker can reduce your backup administration costs and enhance your ROI!

Allegiance’s highly effective Onshore/Offshore model and economies of scale lowers the cost of operating your BURA environment without sacrificing quality, reliability and security. Please contact your Allegiance representative today to learn more about our offering or to enquire about pricing.

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