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With the help of Allegiance Retail you can keep pace with your customers, transform the way you do business, and change the economics of your retail business. Allegiance allows you to create a unified view of your information that delivers economic value to your whole business, from in-store operations to corporate strategy to supply chain and logistical management. Allegiance Retail's advanced analytic capabilities transform your ability to make decisions so you'll carry the right items all the time and train the right store staff to execute flawlessly on all your merchandising programs. We do this by providing accurate, actionable information, fully integrated between merchandising and financial systems. And we help you coordinate your people, processes, and technology to make your retail business more profitable.

Allegiance is helping retailers address these critical business issues with in-store, back office, and supply chain solutions. Our global technology skills, capacity to deliver results quickly, collaborative approach, and ability to design business strategies from concept development to implementation to ongoing assistance are assets that can help our retail clients achieve success in a volatile environment.
What we offer         

  •        Transform the store
             How can you surprise and delight your customers? Are          you able to recognize shoppers' needs in real-time and          respond with a customized experience? How can you help          your employees become more responsive to customers?          In a nutshell, how can you differentiate your store from          competitors who are targeting the same customers with          the same products? These are the key questions retailers          face in an industry where customer expectations for more          personalized service delivery are rapidly intensifying. In          the past, you focused on what was on your shelves.          Today, the focus is on who is in your stores. This shift          towards the customer and customer-centric strategies          means finding innovative ways to differentiate your store.          We can help you develop a customized roadmap, focused          on the needs of your business, at a starting point that is          right for you.
  •        Focus the supply chain
             Today's retail executives find themselves stuck between          an elusive and rapidly polarizing consumer and a sub-optimized          supply chain model-one that is simply ill-equipped to meet the          evolving demands this new consumer force represents. To meet          these challenges, industry executives must develop specialized          and potentially multiple supply chain models that are at once          fast, responsive and low cost-all with a laser focus on the          consumer. The question is, where can you invest to get          the most tactical benefit, while positioning for long-term          competitive advantage? Allegiance recognizes this          challenge, and can help you develop a supply chain that is          consumer-driven. One that allows you to focus on          consumer buying behavior and to drive all forecasts,          replenishment orders and stock movements based on this          behavior. You can't transform the customer experience          without transforming your back-end supply chain. We          offer a comprehensive and flexible framework of solutions          and implementation services to support your          transformation. Our consumer driven supply chain (CDSC)          solutions are pre-integrated offerings which can be          tailored to help you meet your supply chain goals more          quickly and with lower cost and risk than doing it alone.

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