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Manufacturers face increased global competition and regulations as well as fluctuating customer demand and shrinking product life cycles. Allegiance helps you to manage the manufacturing business with increased visibility into the supply chain, improved operational efficiencies, enhanced customer-service levels, and reduced compliance costs.

Allegiance Manufacturing helps you manage the entire product lifecycle for discrete manufacturing processes, from initial design and engineering through work-in-process to cost and quality management. Minimize costs and cycle times while supporting efficient mass customization as well as build-to-order and project-based manufacturing methodologies. Allegiance Manufacturing can help you take advantage of innovative technologies by providing:

         Increase sales through faster delivery while driving down              costs.

         Make it easier to be part of your supply chain for both              vendors and customers.

        Ease compliance with automated debit claims and              authorizations.

Allegiance Discrete Manufacturing is part of Allegiance Manufacturing, and integrates seamlessly with other Allegiance Manufacturing applications, so you can respond nimbly to increasing demand for customized products.

Turn to Allegiance for help in meeting the challenges of today's erratic global energy markets. With local teams that understand your unique business and regulatory climates, we offer the technology and services you need. We offer a full spectrum of consulting, technology, and outsourcing services; from oil-field operation to energy-trading enhancement, to strategy development for large chemical suppliers.

Meeting Industry Challenges

The energy, utilities and chemicals sector is transforming. High commodity prices, increasing oil demand, mergers and acquisitions, operational efficiency programs, business process outsourcing, and regulatory constraints are the key drivers of this transformation.

We offer a wide range of industry-specific solutions to help our clients succeed. What we offer

         Corporate support services - Increase process efficiency.           Optimize operations. And reduce costs across the board. Erratic           global energy markets are putting increased pressure on utility           companies to refocus on their core business to remain competitive.           Allegiance is ready to help with a suite of offerings designed to           streamline essential enterprise functions such as human resources,           finance, corporate learning and supply chain management.

         Customer operations transformation - In a world of           unprecedented business and market pressures, utility companies           are constantly challenged to respond faster. Increase workforce           productivity. Optimize assets. And grow revenue. The new agenda           is about productivity, operational excellence and competitive           differentiation. By focusing on enhancing the quality of customer           care, you can simultaneously improve productivity and cost           structures.

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