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The Insurance industry is facing the most significant economic and competitive challenges in its history. Consolidations, mergers, and failures are escalating, while competition from other financial services segments continues to mount. To succeed in this rapidly evolving business climate, insurers are compelled to investigate ways by which they can improve bottom-line operational efficiency and drive top-line growth, and still meet and exceed the expectations of their customers.

Allegiance’s  insurance practice is taking the lead in developing next generation solutions that are transforming traditional insurance companies into customer-centric innovative insurers of the future.
Allegiance offers the following recommended approaches and solutions for competing in tomorrow’s insurance market:

  •         Customer Optimization - Predicting Customer Behavior
  •         Distributor Effectiveness - Aligning Business Results
  •         Insurance Agent Workstation - Sharpening Your           Competitive Edge
  •         Multi-Channel Integration - Rapid Responses to Rapid           Change
  •         Claims Management - A Clear Strategic Framework  
  •         Service-Oriented Insurance Architecture - Transforming           Legacy Systems and Applications   

Our IT consulting and insurance software solutions span a range of Insurance lines of business including Life, Annuities, Health, Property and Casualty and Reinsurance.

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