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Allegiance works with healthcare organizations to quickly identify and implement changes that will lead to cost savings and improved care results. We collaborate with our clients to ensure our solutions meet their needs and those of their patients.
We deliver a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive business applications, including key functionality built specifically for healthcare payers, providers, and government healthcare agencies. We offers a unified data model, so you can manage huge volumes of patient and insurance information, ensure regulatory compliance, and procure and manage materials as economically as possible.

Key Issues in Healthcare

Populations, the risks to their health, and the tools and approaches used to care for them, are all changing rapidly. Healthcare providers must also evolve quickly to meet challenges such as:

  •          Coping with changes in population health – including              aging populations with increased numbers of chronic            conditions

  •          Adopting integrated approaches for patient/citizen            care – understanding the disjointed nature of patient            journeys, and the patient’s own role in his/her            healthcare

  •          Improving patient safety records – via effective clinical            decisions and care delivery

  •          Managing the increasing cost of care – through            operational efficiency, asset and cost management, and            new financial incentives

  •          Meeting privacy requirements for patient data –            ensuring patient and provider privacy         

Only Allegiance for Healthcare provides these benefits

  •          Clinical trial software and a healthcare data model for            integrating clinical patient data

  •          Best-in-class portal software that is standards-compliant

  •          A secure, integrated solution for enterprise collaboration

  •         All the key components—database, middleware, and           applications, all based on open standards—to transform           your healthcare organization

  •         Proactive member servicing, automated assignment,           workflow, and alerts

  •         Hundreds of out-of-the-box HR self-service transactions

  •         A single view of member/service history, online           fulfillment, and online roster/billing management

  •         A single-vendor solution for knowledge management of           profit and loss, by service line and provider

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