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E-commerce and Web Development   :::: 

The Internet changed everything. Harnessing the power of the Internet, e-businesses dramatically improve efficiencies through new business practices. These Internet business practices let you grow revenue, reduce costs, disseminate information, and reach a wider clientele base.

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E-Business Architecture and Application Development

Successful e-business transformation requires sound architecture and robust application development. Allegiance’s group evaluates new technology and aids clients with architecture and technology choice. Using its world-class methodologies and leading tools, technologies, and e-business components, Allegiance builds and deploys robust, scalable, extensible Internet architectures for transaction intensive, mission critical applications.

E-Business Integration

Traditional and fast growing dot com companies need to leverage their existing data and systems in a powerful way in order to build seamless e-business systems. Allegiance's solutions use world-class approaches and technologies to integrate existing IT resources with new e-business solutions. Some options include completely rewriting and re-engineering the existing applications into n-tier e-business applications, and using a number of EAI and legacy-to-web extension technologies to get existing systems ready for e-business.

E-Business Application Management

In e-business, building and deploying applications is only the beginning. Maintaining and enhancing them as transaction volumes increase and more sophisticated functionality is added is an even greater challenge. Allegiance offers application management services that substantially reduce "total cost of ownership" while providing high quality 24x7 coverage by leveraging its on-site/offshore model. Allegiance’s application management services are supported by robust systems management tools that optimize end-to-end applications performance through workload balancing, recovery management, and response time monitoring.

Our E-Business Value Proposition

We will team with you to build a real world business-critical application on a powerful, scalable, reliable, manageable, and secure Internet infrastructure on the best Internet architecture.

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