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Our inventive business intelligence services focus on helping clients collect and analyze external and internal data to generate value for their organization. Allegiance brings together a deep understanding of the business and technology scope of an organization to harness information to improve decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance and customer service.

Our suite of information strategy, data warehousing and data mining services measure, analyze and optimize business performance across the entire enterprise. Business intelligence can help organizations transform data into insight and achieve higher levels of performance by:

  •         Provides a total solution to address our client's business           issues

  •         Provides quick and timely ROI, while positioning our clients           for future growth

  •         Enables client self-sufficiency, to maintain and evolve their           systems through collaborative model and knowledge transfer

  •         Provides shorter time-to-deployment using experienced team           of professionals, best in class tools and a proven delivery           approach.

  •         Enables customers to expand and improve their operational           efficiencies and strategic investments, while achieving           business performance goals and related metrics.

  • Business Intelligence Competency Centers

Business intelligence (BI) has become increasingly more strategic in organizations. IT departments are looking for ways to manage and support deployments across divisions, regions, and functions through the standardization of technology.A Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) can provide the centralized knowledge and best practices to help make these broader BI initiatives possible.

As BI becomes increasingly more strategic, many organizations are responding by creating working teams of IT and BI users, now commonly known as BI Competency Centers (BICC). A BICC is an organizational structure that groups people with interrelated disciplines, domains of knowledge, experiences and skills, for the purpose of promoting expertise throughout an organization. Also known as a Center of Excellence (COE), Competency Center, or Center of Knowledge, a BICC can help:

  •         Promote and provide delivery enablement through a           consistent set of BI skills, standards, and best practices.

  •         Enable repeatable successful BI deployment through the           development and focus of people, technology and           process—in ways that makes sense to an entire organization           or division, rather than just a ‘single project’.

If BI is to extend beyond tactical deployments to become a broader-based solution, a managed, predictable approach is needed. A BICC defines the knowledge, standards, and resources needed to make this happen. A BICC is essential to the strategic deployment of BI because it:

  •         Maximizes the efficiency, use and quality of your BI across all           lines of business.

  •         Leads to BI deployments that have higher success and deliver           more value, at less cost, in less time;

  •         Drives end user adoption to ensure its success (simply           providing BI to an increasing number of information           consumers doesn’t guarantee more people will use it).

  •         Eliminates the gap between Business and IT;

  •         Enables business agility and improved technology           management which will help to drive business efficiency.

Allegiance offers services that can help you in establishing a Business Intelligence Competency Center in your organization. These services can assist you in the development or your BICC vision and strategy through to offering services that can help you establish a culture of best practices and an operating BICC providing a solid foundation for your BICC.

Allegiance’s BI technologists are experienced with the leading industry technologies and tools including:

  •         ETL (Informatica, Datastage, Ab-Initio, ACTA, Oracle           Warehouse Builder, SAP Business Warehouse, Microsoft DTS)

  •         OLAP (Cognos, MicroStrategy, Business Objects, Webfocus,           Essbase, Oracle Express)

  •         Reporting ( Crystal Reports, Actuate)

  •         Databases (Oracle, Sql Server, DB2 / UDB, Teradata)

  •         Operating systems (Unix / Aix, NT, VMS, MVS)

  •         Data sources (Legacy / cobol, ERP, CRM, SCM, Flat files,           Spreadsheets, RDBMS)

  •         Architectures (ODS - operational data store, EDW  -           Enterprise data warehouse, Data marts. All together and in           combinations)

  •         Schemas (Star, snowflake, constellation)

  •         Type of OLAP (MOLAP - Multidimensional, ROLAP - Relational,           DOLAP - Distributed)

  •         Type of implementations (Batch, Real-time)


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