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Banking and Capital   :::: 

The fast changing business environment requires banks and financial enterprises to respond to increasing regulatory and security requirements, meet new levels of customer service, and manage price pressures with greater efficiency.

Allegiance can help address market changes quickly, develop profitable customer relationships, and secure new opportunities to stay ahead of competition. Our dedicated professionals help capital markets leaders, retail, commercial and investment banks innovate, realize measurable sustainable bottom-line improvements, increase profitability and leads to higher level of performance. We provide custom solutions in order management, trading, clearing and settlement, surveillance, risk management, data warehousing, business intelligence and reporting.

Our custom capital market solutions deliver value to small, medium and large organizations. They include:

        Providing a highly flexible back-office broking environment.

         Creating an IT infrastructure for the broker community              enabling retail trading on the Internet, without expensive              upfront investments in software and hardware systems. It              can also link multiple clearing banks, depository participants              and custodians for straight-through-processing and              complete e-business enablement.

         Enhance the performance of mission-critical or customer-facing             applications like trading, clearing and settlement, and             surveillance.

Solutions Offered

  •              Architecture development

  •              Application maintenance and Production support

  •              Help Desk Support

  •              Customized applications development

  •              "E-banking" and "E-investment" solutions

  •              "E-trading" solutions, including online trading portals,                 portfolio tracking sites, stock tickers etc

  •              Enterprise Application Integration

  •              Onsite consulting and outsourcing services

  •              Professional services, such as product testing,                application/database performance tuning, and system                management

  •              Product enhancement and development

  •              Reengineering and integration of legacy systems

  •              Securities Trading Systems - development and Re                engineering

  •              Web-enabling of legacy systems

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